About Us and Shave Ice

The Koc family (pronounced Coke) from Batavia started Koconuts Shave Ice in 2020 after a vacation to Maui in 2019. Jamie, Bill, Alex and Andrew tried traditional Hawaiian shave for the first time and fell in love with its delicious rainbow-bright syrups and finely shaved, not crushed, ice. Every day in Hawaii, Alex and Andrew insisted we stop at a local shave ice shop. With thousands of possible flavor combinations, they never tried that same flavor twice! The boys started thinking on how they could bring this treat to their hometown and the greater Fox Valley area.

Is it “shave” or “shaved” ice?

Authentic Hawaiian shave ice can trace its roots to Japanese immigrants working on the Hawaiian Islands sugar and pineapple fields. They would use their tools to shave off flakes from ice blocks and sweeten them with fruit juice or sugar. After working the plantations, some families opened small general stores that featured shave ice which can be traced back to the 1950s. Traditionally it’s called Shave Ice.

What makes Koconuts Shave Ice so delicious?

For over a year, we experimented with various flavors from different sources and picked the best regardless of cost. We chose a premium Japanese ice block shaver over cheaper and easier machines. Each shave ice is hand formed to give it the consistency of snow which allows the flavors to soak into the ice. So while you may have to wait a little longer, it’s this soft, melt-in-your-mouth, experience that sets it apart from snow cones. Choose a flavor and top it off with sweet cream for a true authentic shave ice or pick one of our fun specials that is sure to bring a smile to both young and old.